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“Music makes the soul happy, and music is what Rackensak does!”

Vince Turner– Guitar, Bass, Vocals
James Miller– Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Kevin Bonner - Drums, Vocals

  RackensaK is not a game, it’s a band. In fact, it’s actually a quite tasty 3-piece collaboration consisting of Vince Turner, Kevin Carl Bonner, and James Miller. The name actually means a native of Arkansas. 

 Now these just aren't your average Arkansas boys right here. They have a “special something” that sets them apart. It is a combination of several factors that make them unique to the North West Arkansas area. 

 This band came into existence in 2017 but, you would never know that in a million years if you go check them out. You could actually go see them two nights in a row and possibly never hear one repeated song. They have an ever-expanding song compilation that goes beyond era and genre. 

 These three seasoned musicians have spent the majority of their lives actively playing, honing their skills, and performing in several great bands. They have come together out of mutual respect and a deep brotherly love which can be seen and felt at their venues. Even to this day, they continue to surprise their audiences and themselves as to what they can do. 

 They are true masters of living in the moment and going with the flow of whatever twists and turns their musical journey takes them on. Don’t be surprised if they bust out some reggae for a few measures during a blues, rock, country, or pop song. They make even the most difficult of songs appear easy as they are ever-changing and evolving. 

  There isn’t a band leader as they all are on an equal playing field as long-term professional musicians. They have a knack for keeping things spicy by being unpredictable, switching instruments, and you never know who’s going to sing. Vocals emerge independently and also come forth as amazing 3-part harmonies. These guys will keep you guessing. 

 Vince Turner plays bass with such flavor that it is a true treat to listen and watch him groove. He is also one talented cat on the guitar as well. His vocals are off the charts with an exceptional blues tone that sears into the soul. In addition, he is a creative force that has brought several fantastic originals into existence. 

   Kevin Carl Bonner is not only spot-on in his timing but what really stands out is his dynamics. He serves each song with finesse and intensity. His positive nature and smile can be felt across whatever space he performs in. It’s also a pleasure to experience his vocals behind the set as he really shines with the 80’s pop, 90’s era, and heavier songs. 

 James Miller has his own signature style through his many years of playing guitar. The guitar is an extension of his soul and his bass playing is quite solid. His vocals add a true southern flair to the mix, however, don’t be surprised to hear him pull out some Chris Isaak and get you all up in the feels. He has also accomplished a great deal with his own originals. 

  Although their experience speaks for itself, these three friends/ musical brothers remain quite humble. You won’t see the stage filled with huge egos, rather more of a deep respect and appreciation of one another. They are humble and grounded yet aren’t afraid to take on anything as they are unrestricted in their playing. The band is currently in the process of recording a CD for future sales. 

-Karin Miller 

Author, Journalist Nightflying Publication, Musician 

Multi-talented musicians with a knack for making everything sound right. It takes years to do what these guys do! Playing hits and songs that you will know along with some of their own music just so you know know who they are.


Freeweekly media article!. Rachael Fields:

Vince Turner
Kevin Bonner
James Miller
Vince Turner
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